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Project Anime: Global 2020

Evolving with the Events Industry

As the landscape of the industry changes rapidly in response to current events, events and businesses have been compelled to adapt accordingly. This has given rise to new uncharted ventures and opportunities, including virtual/hybrid events and unique digital engagement

Together, we strive to weather the present circumstances and establish long-term sustainability and success. Project Anime 2020 invites event organizers and business professionals to join us for engaging discussions on how to navigate these changes and shape the future of the industry.



Tue, Nov 17: Business Track Tue, Nov 17: Event Track Wed, Nov 18: Event Track Wed, Nov 18: Business Track

Tue, Nov 17: Business Track

Tue, Nov 17: Event Track

Wed, Nov 18: Event Track

Wed, Nov 18: Business Track

No events available!

2020 Speakers

Business Development Manager, Shotcall

Founder & CEO, Davidson Learning Company

Senior Director of Business Development, SPJA

Content Manager, Japan Weekend

Sr. Director, Head of Audience Development, Funimation

Director of Publishing Services, Penguin Random House

Director of Sales, The Novo at L.A

Let's Get Grants

Executive Director, MAGFest

Executive Director of Business Development, NPD Books

Chairman/Founder, DoKomi

Vice President of Events, LeftField Media

Head of Events, Crunchyroll

Influencer Marketing Manager, Twitch

Vice President, Interpret

Trade Shows & Events Senior Manager, VIZ Media

CEO & Publisher, Anime News Network


Creator, Crunchyroll Hime's Cosplay Cup

Co-Founder & President, Attack The Music, Inc.

Cosplayer & Creator, #ScrapEpicChallenge

Co-Chair, MomoCon

VP of Events, Envy Gaming

Talent Manager & Chief Operations Officer, GeeXPlus Inc

Founder/President, The Kliman Group & Co-Founder, Events Industry Council APEX COVID Business Recovery Task Force

Assistant Marketing Manager, SPJA

Director, Japan Music Culture Export (JMCE)

Marketing Manager, Idea Factory International

Founder, Tasty Design Studio

Research Manager, Interpret

Director of Business Operations, MAGFest

General Manager, The Novo

Co-Chair, MomoCon

Head Project Manager, AoE Creative

Nonlinear World

President, Otakuthon

SVP, USI Insurance Services.

Event Management Consultant

VP of Anime Events, Leftfield Media

Founder, The Frame Shop

Vice President of Event Services, Los Angeles Convention Center

Managing Director, The Frame Shop

Founder & Managing Principal, Japan Intercultural Consulting

Director of Events, Crunchyroll

VP, Antinos Management America Inc.

General Manager, Los Angeles Convention Center

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"Our first project anime was valuable. Networking, Panels and discussions really strengthen our nationwide community of event runners and industry."

Troy M.
<Anime Detour/>

"Project Anime is a great resource for anyone in the Anime industry and not to be missed! Great for staying current on trends and connecting with the right professionals."

Betty W.

"Project Anime has been a really informative and educational experience for our team. I especially like the opportunities given to us to network with others involved in the industry of conventions. We will certainly like to participate in the next one!"

<Collateral Damage Studios/>

"Project Anime provides a wonderful experience to meet other convention runners and industry professionals that you might not otherwise get the chance to meet on your own."

Jared C.
<Holiday Matsuri/>

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